A R R E T O N   M A N O R

Escape Into History

Welcome to Arreton Manor, our historical Grade II* Listed private residence, nestled just below the Arreton Down Nature Reserve, in the heart of the Isle of Wight. We are a not a hotel but a private home where, due to popular demand and because of the Manor's historical prominence to the island, we have made some rooms available to overnight guests so that they can share its rich history and reviving atmosphere. It is incredible how much love people feel for Arreton Manor and we really enjoy having guests here!


The Manor is steeped in history that stems from before when it was first recorded in 872AD in Alfred The Great's Will, the first of the eight British monarchs who were known to own it, including Edward The Confessor, William The Conqueror, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Charles I.  James I reviewed his troops on our front lawns and Charles I hid in a cupboard on our first floor after spending much time here acting as judge and jury in our Court Room during his reign. Queen Victoria even graced us with planting a conifer tree on our front lawn and would visit our local Medieval church, St. George's, to visit the grave of Elizabeth Wallbridge, whose life inspired the book 'The Dairyman's Daughter' by the Revd Richmond which had a circulation of over 4 million copies and was translated into 19 languages. The Manor was given to the Quarr Abbey monks who farmed the land for about 400 years until 1525, when Henry VIII reclaimed the house. One of our stone floors still has dips in its flagstones, evidence of where the monks prayed to the East during their very long time here. The Manor has been several things in its long history but it has changed very little since 1595 and is truly a very handsome and exceptionally fine example of Jacobean manorial architecture. Arreton Manor has always been predominantly a private home, as it is now, and we have made some rooms available for a more unusual escape. We also have ornamental gardens. These are our family's private grounds so they are always evolving and fun to explore. We are fully licensed so perhaps a glass of wine or a bottle of Champagne in our swim spa while basking in the sun, overlooking the Downs? Unfortunately, breakfast is not possible in the main house but it is possible for guests in The Nook.

We welcome anyone who needs a haven to relax in or simply an unusual base from where to explore the island, singles or couples alike. Lone travellers express that they find our home an exceptionally happy place to stay. If you enjoy history and/or Architecture, we are positive that our home would be really fun for you. We are nestled below the Arreton Down Nature Reserve so we have several walks around our home, one of the best being accessible directly through an old metal gate at the rear of our garden. Being central on the island, we find that we are ideally located to explore the island from with ease. Although very relaxing most of the time, the house does come alive enormously around festive times such as the Isle of Wight Festival, weddings, Cowes Week, Bonfire Night, Halloween, Christmas and, of course, New Year's Eve so please do check at the time of booking if there is an event if you are looking for peace and quiet. Please be aware that breakfast is sadly no longer available to guests staying in the main house but The Nook still has the breakfast option. Otherwise, The Dairyman's Daughter provides wonderful breakfasts all day from 10.30 am onwards which is right in front of our grounds.

We have extensive ornamental gardens to explore, including parterres, knot gardens and a maze. A 19' swimspa has been  installed and its surrounding recreational area and terraces are still being landscaped since Covid-19 slowed down the build. We also have an antiques, home and garden shop at the front of our property in our coachhouse which landed there after we were constantly going to them so we asked them to move in...

After we had two wonderful guests become unexpectedly engaged in our gardens, they asked us to have their wedding here so we got a full liquor licence and a wedding licence and we are now doing weddings, birthday celebrations, corporate events - any kind of celebration really!


We have super friendly dogs and a snuggly cat who roam the property freely (although not allowed in bedrooms) so we apologise that we unfortunately cannot accommodate other pets under any circumstances and we do not advice bookings for those with severe allergies to cats and/or dogs in the main house. We also cannot accommodate babies, children or anyone who is disabled as the property is Grade II* listed and therefore impossible to change enough to make it completely safe in such a manner. Please do not book if you struggle with steps.


So welcome to Arreton Manor! We are a private home in which we have selected a few guest rooms. If you are longing for a romantic getaway or an escape with an unusual historical twist, you've found the right place! Sole travellers will also find it extremely welcoming, even on business. We would be thrilled to have you become part of Arreton Manor's great history!

Many Thanks,


The Pulford Family


Each room has its own personality and decor to match its place in the home





For those staying in the main house, unfortunately breakfast is no longer available but there are many lovely spots across the island to breakfast at


For those in The Nook, the optional breakfast will be waiting for you in the kitchenette for your convenience to have inside The Nook or on your terrace

Arreton Manor Antiques Shop


Our very own Antiques Shop within our coachhouse, offering antiques, garden statuary and other wonders for your home, perfect souvenirs. We kept on buying our furniture from them so we asked them to move in!


Open Wednesday to Saturday



Once open to the public, feel free to explore our now private gardens which includes seven ornamental gardens, a tree which is said to have been planted by Queen Victoria and lawns that King  Charles I reviewed his troops on


We have a private year-round heated 19 Ft long swim spa with views over the neighbouring fields and Arreton Down Nature Reserve with double sun loungers which guests are welcome to use at their own discretion


Available at the Manor upon request. Fees apply accordingly although there is a communal washing machine available in the grounds free of charge

Free Wifi


We offer free Wi-Fi which unfortunately relies on the Isle's speed capabilities which is usually fine but can also be a little grumpy at times, especially during storms. No WiFi in The Lookout in the gardens

Parking and Transfers
Free parking. Transfers are available upon request and availability, fees apply accordingly


Warm Summer Evening
The Nook
One of our lovely guests
You'd better behave...
The Panelled Room
March 2018, a rare snowfall
The Solar

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Our Two Local Pubs


We have two excellent pubs, The White Lion and The Dairyman's Daughter right in front of our home! Both serve delicious food throughout the day and evening and are a true asset to our community

Arreton Barns


In front of our grounds, we have the popular Arreton Barns where you shall find two superb pubs, the fabulous Farmer Jack's farm shop, full of its wonderful delicacies, together with several fine and interesting shops and entertainment 

St. George's Church
Before the Manor stands the handsome St.George's Church. Being a 12th century church with a splendid interior, it is well worth visiting. Bell ringing practice still occurs and we have the pleasure of being able to hear it at the Manor every Monday evening
Arreton Downs
Take a walk through the gardens and find an old metal gate that will lead you straight onto the beautiful Arreton Down Nature Reserve which spreads out beyond our home. During the Summer months, you can even find yourself in clouds of rare butterflies!


The Isle is surrounded by wonderful beaches and beautifully coloured waters. Water sports are one of the Isle's most popular attractions and there are many harbours and beaches only a short drive away from the Manor

Cultural Sites


The Isle of Wight is rich in its vast array of cultural sites and heritage. Being central on the Isle, Arreton Manor is ideally located to explore from


"...a unique stately home setting in the middle of the countryside. A great place to treat yourself with wonderful butterfly meadows to get out of bed early for!"




If you are searching for a flexible location for an event, Wedding, corporate event, or Birthday, we have the fabulous Terrace Room and bar to suit your needs as well as spacious grounds should you be wishing for a marquee. Prices on application

COVID-19 Update: If government guidelines prevent reservations or travel, we will of course be happy to move dates for you and to work with you. Just give us a call and we'll figure it out together!